Southern Comfort

Before I parted with my DVR this weekend, I watched an episode of Samantha Brown: Passport to Great Weekends, and I now have this serious craving to visit the Deep South. I'm a West Coast girl - born in Southern California and raised between there and Seattle, so the Southern experience is foreign to me. I've been to Florida, and navigated my way from Virginia up North, and aside form a week in Nashville in 7th grade, that's about as South as I've been.

Now I am very intrigued by the likes of Charleston, South Carolina, and of course, these lovely photos of Savannah, Georgia. Life seems much different here, infused with Southern charm and traditions. None of this wearing jeans out to dinner as we casual West-coasters tend to make the norm.

For all you born and bred Southerners...if I venture on down to the South - what do y'all recommend I see?
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