Cupcake Shoot

This past weekend I spent a good chunk of my Saturday sitting at a Cupcake inspired cafe eating red velvet minis while writing report card comments.

While my friend and I were hard at work, a couple sat down at the table next to us, and almost immediately a photographer appeared out of nowhere, snapping away at the two as they nibbled their cupcakes. Turns out it was an engagement photo shoot. Without invitation, we found ourselves front row spectators for the happy couple's sweet shoot. The lovebirds kissed, held hands, and smiled at each other adoringly over maple frosted cupcakes. They even got a little playful, dabbing a little frosting on each others noses, it was pretty cute!

Initially, I thought a cupcake cafe was an unusual place for an engagement shoot, but it seems creative locations are the trend right now. These days people celebrate their engagement by playing on swings, jumping on trampolines, playful poses, and accessorizing with lollipops. I guess the moral of the story is: there is no limit to creativity!

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