Saturday Snooze

Happy September!! Is it really September already??  The summer just flew by!  You're probably in the back to school swing of things - or starting shortly.  Wishing you a happy and stress-free first weekend of September.

+ this recipe for homemade churros + caramel sauce....yuuuuuum!

+ dream trip: a week in france's loire valley. so dreamy!

+ been trying to avoid dairy, but might have to make a one-time exception for this recipe...

+ do you follow kendi everyday?  seen her new clothing company, everyday & co?

+ food for thought: what is better, rewards, punishments, or neither?

+ just started reading this book, have you read beatriz williams? I'm a fan of many of her other books

+ portland, maine is bon appetit's food city of the year, have you been?


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