Cookbook Crush: Skinnytaste Fast and Slow

Of all of my cookbook crush posts, this one has to be the most "successful" in terms of recipes attempted, made, and flagged for future use.  I've had Skinnytaste Fast and Slow roughly a month (after checking out from the library to verify it's credibility), and as of today, I've made 7 of the recipes, several more than once.  The selling point of this cookbook is the abundance of slow cooker recipes, simplicity of directions, emphasis on quick prep, and overall flavor packed in every meal.  I mean it, every meal has been delicious!  In fact, I've discovered that two of my close friends also swear by this cookbook, and since our revelation, we've had an ongoing text thread sharing our latest meals, suggestions, and tips.  

I know, I know, I'm a big pusher of cookbooks, but don't believe me?  Here's the recipes we've made thus far: egg roll bowls, slow cooker hamburger stroganoff, slow cooker Korean-style beef tacos, Greek sheet pan chicken, slow cooker buffalo chicken lettuce wraps, Santa Fe turkey egg rolls with avocado ranch sauce, and slow cooker goulash with sauerkraut.  Most (but not all) have been hits with kids, which is also a huge bonus.  Truth be told, I was even reluctant to pick up this cookbook as I didn't love her first cookbook (I was a little put off by the title 'Skinnytaste' if I'm being honest), but I'm so glad I opted to give Gina Homolka a second chance.  Worth every penny.


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