Friday Fun

Hello my dear readers.  How are you?  I've had a slew of posts on my to-do list, and am finally getting around to them.  Funny how that works.  These days I put find that my to-do list contains items such as "paint nails," and "send email to x."  When did that happen?  I can remember a day when to-do lists seemed to only be lined with jobs of the utmost importance, rather than mundane day to day dribble.  There's a penny for my thoughts...  Have a lovely weekend!

+ fan of legos?  what do you think of lego tape? or this lego mug!

+ a well rounded summation of the life and works of Amy Krouse Rosenthal, RIP

+ just learning that there are 4 ways to make a fried egg, who knew?

+ I've always wanted to go to Maine, have you been?

+ four questions to ask your kids at bedtime

+ my friend wrote a book!  if you're a momma, have you read it?  


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