Friday Fun

Ay, yai, yai...I'm finding that at the present moment, I can't even wrap my head around the news.  I've temporarily abandoned facebook, and just resorted the fb groups app instead.  Trying to avoid the hullabaloo for the time being and instead channel my efforts and time into doing good rather than feeding the media frenzy. Trying to remain positive, upbeat, and continue onward and upward, giving back in small ways (like donating here and here).  Repeating a new mantra: find your purpose, find your place, there is so much we can do to help and love each other!

+ how in one school district, washing machines improved school attendance

+ ever seen elephants in knit jumpers? love this!

+ this teacher is amazing, hope my kids one day have a thoughtful educator like him

+ a pay it forward kind of concept - syrian supper clubs

+ working on my hygge rituals, what are yours?

+ has me dreaming about a little jaunt to Germany

+ a creative way to introduce yoga to kids

+ heard this garlic herb sauce is a game changer, taste-testing this weekend

+ could you take the plunge and never use shampoo again?


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