Dinner Last Night: Spring Veggie Ramen

Tried out a new recipe this week and was pleasantly surprised by its flavor and ease to follow.  Gwyneth Palrow's Spring Veggie Ramen made for a satisfying weekend dinner to mix up our usual repertoire.  I guess I always assumed that ramen broth was a terribly complex beast, and required bone broth, hours of simmering, and unusual ingredients not available at my local Safeway.  

Turns out, this broth was primarily water, ginger, and ponzu (soy sauce with a citrus twist, and it was available at Safeway).  Easy enough.  While I didn't have bok choy, I added frozen peas for a pop of green, in addition to the called for mushrooms, green onions, and 6-minute eggs.  Oh, and I used packaged ramen noodles (flavor packets discarded).  My kids were pretty excited to have a dinner of hard boiled eggs and curly noodle soup.  I call that a win!


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Emma said...

How beautiful! I may have to make this soon...