The Pie Project: Pie #12 - Chocolate Cream Pie

Happy belated Pi Day everyone!  Truth be told, I don't think I'd ever heard of (let alone, celebrated) Pi Day until I started dating my nerdy, engineer, math obsessed husband.  However, I'm always game for an excuse to have dessert, and since I've already begun this quest to make the perfect pie, what better day than a pi holiday to make one?

I opted for something simple since nap times have been hit or miss around our house lately.  I chose this version of chocolate cream pie in a basic graham cracker crust.  I had good intentions of making the whipped cream myself, but realized I only had half and half.  After attempting to whip half and half into whipped cream unsuccessfully (to which my husband laughed considerably), I opted for the can of whipped cream in our fridge.  So there.  My almost 100% (though semi-homemade) chocolate cream pie.  Happy Pi Day!

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