Weeknight Baking: Grapefruit Olive Oil Poundcake

I'm a little behind on blogging this week, but I have a baking adventure to share.  Another Smitten Kitchen recipe complete.  With a few spare grapefruits on hand, it seemed the perfect time to try this recipe, Grapefruit Olive Oil Poundcake from the Smitten Kitchen cookbook.  Plus, I just purchased a new portrait lens for my camera this week, a 50mm 1:1.8 G, which turned out to be ideal for pound cake close ups.  :)
While I love grapefruit, I found this cake was almost too grapefruit-y, if that's even possible.  The syrup, glaze, and poundcake all are infused with grapefruit juice and/or zest.  However, having said that, the glaze really added an delicious oomph I appreciated.  I also used Trader Joe's gluten-free all purpose flour for the first time, which worked nicely.  While I probably won't be baking any grapefruit cakes again anytime soon, I may try using this recipe, but substituting in oranges or blood oranges for the citrus component.


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