Weeknight Baking: Strawberry Banana Bread

I was immediately charmed by this recipe the second it popped up on my pinterest screen, strawberry banana muffins, two of my favorite flavors together in one!  

I happened to be petsitting my parents dog, and knew my mom (who always keeps a stocked fridge) had fresh strawberries on hand.  Perfect!  I gathered together all the ingredients and started mixing.  However, my parents are in the process of moving, and I only realized after I had three bowls of mixed liquid and dry ingredients that the muffin tin had already been packed.  Whoops!  So much for planning ahead.  

No problem, I improvised.  I luckily found a 9 x 13 bread pan, alone and perhaps forgotten during the packing process in a dusty cupboard.  I did end up baking it significantly longer that the muffin recipe suggests.  Every few minutes I did a toothpick test, and when the top was golden brown, the toothpick emerged clean. I wasn't sure how this recipe would translate to a bread, but it was delicious, flavorful, and most importantly moist (there's nothing worse than an over dry bread!).

Definitely making this bad boy again!  Glad to find a banana bread recipe that includes strawberries for some seasonal baking delights.

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