These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

Sorry I'm a week behind on my favorite things posts, my bad.  There's been a lot going on around here, stay tuned for a follow up post to explain...

In the mean time, here's another one of my favorite things, Origins Drink Up face mask.
I've tried many a mask in my hey-day, what girl hasn't?  Many slumber party memories include "beauty sessions" involving many a drug store face mask paired with cucumber eye patches.  I would consider my skin combination, oily at times, dry at times, but temperamental to unsuspecting breakouts as a result of trying out new products.  As a result, I'm a bit wary to try anything new on my face, especially a face mask, which has the potential of mobilizing into a break out machine.  

However reluctant I was, I inevitably tried this mask at the recommendation of the make-up artist who did my wedding make-up!  This 10-minute mask isn't aimed to deep clean or exfoliate, it's sole purpose is to rehydrate your skin.  And I can honestly say that after using it, my skin feels soft and supple, and very hydrated, believe it or not!

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