Last Weekend

Last weekend, my sister got engaged!  
Her fiancé planned quite the production, an elaborate plan that about 40 people were in on, and managed to keep secret for a month, a feat in itself!  On Friday afternoon, he picked her up from work in a stretch limo, proposed with a gorgeous ring, and then drove to a rustic hotel to "celebrate with a drink."  Little did my sister know, that a surprise party of 40+ close family and friends were waiting in the wings to surprise her yet again.  My mom and I were a big part of the surprise, since all of the other guests live in LA (we had flown down early Friday morning, unbeknownst to her).  
The best part, my sister called me from the limo, squealing "Guess what? I'm engaged! AHH!!"  Of course, at this time, I was waiting in the dark, crowded amongst 30 of her closest friends and family.  After some "subtle" shushing, and maneuvering into a quieter room, I relayed my excitement and congratulations, without her getting suspicious.  Assuming I was still in Seattle, she sent me a picture and described how they were celebrating the rest of the evening, or so she thought... A few minutes later, the limo arrived, and he led her up the candlelit stairs.  When the lights were turned on, everyone shouted "SURPRISE!" and "CONGRATS!"  She was totally stunned (there might have even been a few mascara tears)... 
After the champagne celebrations at the hotel, we celebrated across the street at their apartment, where earlier in the day we had laid out a beautiful spread of appetizers, snacks, and beverages.  All in all, it was such a happy day, and my sister was beaming ear to ear throughout.  I'm so glad I was there to partake in their special day.  Can't wait for the wedding!

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