DVD Binge

Growing up, my dad cultivated an enormous movie collection.  I remember our weekly pilgrimage to Blockbuster Video, to walk and scour the perimeter of the store, tirelessly searching for a worthwhile, but appropriate new release to rent for us kids for the weekend.  At the checkout counter, he always perused the VHS/DVD for sale bins and we usually left with between 1-2 new movies to add to the collection on most trips.  

Hence, I am a movie buff.  I love movies, especially oldie but goodie movies.  In recent years, I have found myself starting a substantial DVD collection of my own, which I attribute to affinity for movie-watching ingrained by my dad long ago.  When watching a flick and a friend mumbles, "Who is that guy, I think he's in something I've seen," I pride myself on being that person who can successfully make the movie-to-movie connection instantaneously (or at least reasonably fast)!  Yeah, I'm that girl, I know, I know, don't worry, I am aware that my actor and actress trivia and the ability to recite lines from movies is not favored by all... :)

Lately, I've been feeling a little ho-hum about my movie selection, and went on a bit of a DVD binge on amazon picking up some new flicks to add to my collection including... 
What are your favorite rainy-day, go-to, pick-me-up-when-you're-in-a-bad-mood, or just plain random FAVORITE MOVIES?  I'm dying to hear!


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