Searching for the Perfect First Dance Song...

My fiance and I in search of a song for our first dance. We enjoy and appreciate good music but I wouldn't call either of us "music people." We listen to the radio or pandora, or occasionally an ipod mix, but we're not really up on what's new and hip in the music scene.

As such, we find ourselves 4 months to our wedding without a wedding song... Yesterday, we were literally googling "great wedding songs," and playing youtube clips and sharing our feedback; too fast, too slow, or not quite right... It was actually quite comical! Ultimately we agreed on the following; we want a song that's not too serious, upbeat, and maybe oldie or a classic, - but not a wedding song cliche.

We tossed around the names Billy Joel and Frank Sinatra, and even Taylor Swift. I know, I know...let me explain. On the night that we met, we talked for a long time, about nothing and everything, and somehow we got to talking about how much I liked the song "Our Song," by Taylor Swift. Surprisingly he agreed he also thought it was catchy, and even hummed a few lines to prove it. It was hilarious, I couldn't believe a guy would admit to liking Taylor Swift. We joked about having that song as our first dance, but thought it might be a little too cheesy...we'll see.

So...what was your first dance song? Any ideas/suggestions, I'm open to ideas!

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