Summer To-Do List

I made a spontaneous summer goal list a while back, but now after reading Claire's summer bucket list, I'm thought my original list looked a little pithy. I think I've forgotten the simple fact that are there are in fact 3 whole months in a summer, so it's high time I beef up my list..

1. try paddleboarding
2. have my grandma teach me how to make lemon meringue pie
4. have backyard BBQ's
5. use 1 or more of my groupon / living social deals
6. take a ferry ride
7. paint our spare bedroom/office
8. spend a sunny day at Alki Beach
9. learn how to make jam with my mom
11. organize our basement
12. go wine tasting
13. have plenty of fro-yo nights with the girls at Menchies
14. take care of wedding bills/expenses
16. do yoga once a week
17. go through my closet and purge/giveaway/sell
18. take more pictures
19. make homemade popsicles


jillian m. said...

I'm jumping on the bandwagon with making a summer bucket list, too. Every summer there is always some event or place where I wish I could have gone. I think writing it down would definitely make it easier to remember, as well as emphasizing that I absolutely need to do it!

Mary said...

That's a great list! With two little ones, my summer to-do list is pretty focused on family fun, but I think perhaps I need to put a few things of my own on there too.

Melissa Blake said...

I want to BBQ! I HAVEN'T yet!!

Kristin said...

That is a great list!! I need to make one!

Mo Pie, Please said...

You can do it!!

Midge said...

I tried paddleboarding this last weekend and LOVED it!!! You should definitely try it, it's wonderful - I can't recommend it enough!

Oh, My Darling said...

Love, love, love this list! Excited to hear about your jam-making experience in particular.

Kimia Kline said...

awesome list! i need to hurry up and make one too :)

brittany said...

well this sounds super! and now i think i reaaally need a lemon meringue pie recipe asap.

Punctuation Mark said...

i should get one of those going... been a little lazy on the summer activities lately

Nicole Marie said...

great list. i need to make one. i can't believe its already july