Where the Green Grass Grows

I've never been a big advocate of wheatgrass. I guess I just prefer the sweeter, fruitier blends a la Jamba Juice...but I've done my research and learned that this vitamin-rich, brilliant green wheatgrass really does wonders your health. Who knows, it might be a healthy addition to an fruit smoothie.

Still excited my the novelty of my new apartment, I find myself searching for unnecessary accessories to add to it's newness. I'm enjoying the splash of green color these wheatgrass buckets add to this kitchen. I've never been known to have a green thumb, but supposedly wheatgrass is no-fail easy to grow. Bright light, moisture, and enough potting soil to put down roots—that's it. According to the experts, a 1-lb package of winter wheat (at health-food stores for about $3) yields an healthy plot of grass.

Good luck with that green thumb!


Jody said...

You are on a GREEN kick! Feeling the st. patricks day holiday aren't we =). Not sure how I feel about wheat grass myself.

Unknown said...

Francie spent a good 4 hours in the bathroom after a shot of wheatgrass . . . . so beware-haha!