Party Foul

The Hills returned last night, after a long hiatus. I had been pumped all day for the 10:00pm debut of Season 3, when, alas...I fell asleep. Yes, you heard me right. I missed the long awaited season premiere! For all you fellow fans who were able to stay awake until 10:00pm, mad props to you! I plan on catching up tonight on so I can stay in the loop.



Jody said...

MICHELLE!!! You fell asleep! You old woman you ha. This season looks fantastic, get ready for one fake/real, fantastic LALA land roller-coaster. Oh how I love the hills!

Sara Christine said...

Oh might've fallen asleep, but I didn't even know it was on! And I call myself a Hills fanatic. Can't wait to catch the rerun!

Kathy said...

HAHAH! i'm in bed SO early nowadays too. i still haven't seen the entire episode yet...i don't have time for tv it feels like :(