Friday Fun

It's the weekend, hooray!!  After a few back-to-back weekends jam packed with out of town friends visiting, ballet recitals, Father's Day celebrations, we are looking forward to a low key laid back two days.  Currently on the agenda, farmer's markets, bike riding, and hair appointments (that'd be me, yessss).  What are you up to?

bookmarking for a backyard picnic fire pit dinner this summer (potatoes are my favorite!)

+ love the details of these little girls' bedroom

+ wearing my summer staple errryday in peony

+ making this festive cake next week

+ kind of love this idea for a savings account

+ enjoyed this quirky, illustrated book and love her instagram account

+ want to make this for dinner soon, looks amazing

+ clean chemical-free nail polish (finally!!)

+ looking forward to a bubble bath using these this weekend (jump on the oil bandwagon with me)

+ love this vintage looking ringer tee

Have a wonderful weekend!

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