Friday Fun

Hello, hello.  Happy Friday!  It's been quite a week here.  First, we celebrated my daughter's birthday, and since then we've kind of been hunkered down inside due to the thick smoke and falling ash from the local wildfires.  The sun is this fuzzy orange ball, visible through the veils of haze, making the sky a strange off-white grey.  Didn't think I'd say this, but we are ready for rain! We're continuing to pray for those families affected and hoping the fires subside very soon.

Also, praying those also affected by Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma.  We donated to the Texas Diaper Bank to support families with young kids in Houston displaced by flooding (did you know that diapers are not included in disaster relief supplies?).  Other great organizations which could always use support include the American Red Cross, Houston Humane Society, and AABB, a task force to manage blood collection efforts.

+ the perfect bathtub caddy (with a place to balance a book and glass of wine!)

+ have you heard of this app, it freezes a kid's phone util they reply to a text!  (created by a parent, of course!)

+ true or false? amazon prime members will get discounts at whole foods?  please?  pretty please?

+ looking to try these kid-friendly moo shu chicken wraps next week

+ this kyoto travel guide has me missing Japan

+ do you use face oils?  I have in the past but thinking of giving it another go


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