Friday Fun

We are keeping it low key this weekend - on the mend from some winter crud this week.  If I'm extra ambitious, hoping to make this little diddy to satisfy my sweet tooth.  What are you up to?

+ for the bicycle enthusiast - 62 mile superhighway just for bikes in Germany

+ local teen walks a mile in Muslim friend's shoes

+ wouldn't mind a cup of this hot chocolate right about now

+ a new school of Barbies, what do you think?

+ sweet app, grow a forest of productivity...literally (and stay off your phone)

+ what's your best age as a parent? - interesting question

+ a cheaper version of the popular anthropologie capri candle

+ the most instagrammed location in every state

+ the reason some people just seem happier than others


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birdie to be said...

Yummy... that breakfast bento box looks delish!