Weeknight Baking: Homemade Rainbow Chip Cake

{my cake}

Well I did it!  It was a goal of mine to make rainbow chip cake from scratch and now I can officially say I did it! I whipped up this labor of love cake for my daughter's birthday, and thankfully it was quite delicious - though the birthday girl refused even one bite!  

Part of what takes so much time is not the cake itself, but the melting and coloring of white chocolate to make the chips.  Note: I did take some iPhone pictures of the chips I created, but the photos from Ashley's blog were so much prettier I'm just going ahead and sharing hers.
{rainbow chips}

Overall - the cake was good, albeit time consuming.  Truth be told, rainbow chip cake is not my fave, however I could eat a tub of the frosting single handedly with a  box a graham crackers.  

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