Podcast Recommendations?

What are you listening to these days?

I am trying to up my podcast ante, as I know with a new baby due in three short weeks, my days of reading an actual book cover to cover might be slim to none.  Here are some of my podcast favorites:
* The Moth Podcast (my favorite!)

I've dabbled in a few others like Mortified and Burnt Toast, but these 5 are solidly in my queue.  So, what are you listening to? Do tell...



ERC said...

Lately I've been loving "You Must Remember This," which features fantastic stories exploring the history of Hollywood, and "Again With This: 90210," which recaps every Beverly Hills episode. Two very different options, but can't get enough! Another favorite is "Call Your Girlfriend."

Fact Fort said...

Spilled Milk, The Memory Palace, Reply All