Last Great Book I Read: If You Find This Letter

I came across a recommendation for If You Find This Letter while perusing a "books you should read this summer" list, and was almost instantly captivated.  This memoir is quite unlike any I've ever read, and an emotional, thought provoking testament to the dying art of letter writing, a personal hobby of mine.

The author, Hannah Brencher, details her journey of becoming a love-letter writer to the masses starting as a recent college grad, feeling lost and anonymous among the crowds of New York City.  Feeling a need to connect with those like her, desperate, lonely, and alone, she started leaving random letters around NYC, simply addressed as "If you find this letter, it's meant for you..."  What started as an outlet to find her place in the world has since evolved into a network of letter writing to the helpless, the hopeless, and those craving heartfelt words of sympathy, encouragement, and support.  

Her website is still very much active and alive today, and even if you skip the book, I suggest you take a gander.  It's worth a few minutes of your time.


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