Favorite Summer Salad Recipes

Hello there!  We are hosting a few BBQs on the horizon, and I would love some advice or suggestions on your favorite summer salad recipes to share!  The produce at the Farmer's Markets these days is bountiful, and rich and vibrant with color, I'd love to try out a new recipe on friends.

What is your go-to summer recipes to capitalize on summer produce?


M. Eileen said...

my favorite summer salad involves tomatoes, cucs, parsley, onions olive oil and vinegar. I have no idea if it has a name, but its something I remember my mom making every summer.

Emily aka The Three Bite Rule said...

I often make a corn/avocado/cucumber salad with some cilantro (optional) and dressing of olive oil & lime juice dressing or tomato/mozzarella with pesto as dressing is always a winner to me!

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