Movie Night: Inside Out

Normally, I wait to see animated movies once they've been released to DVD, especially with movies being so spendy these days (anyone remember the $3 matinee??)  However, this new Pixar movie, Inside Out looks like it might be theater-worthy.  I laughed out loud watching this preview!  It comes out Summer 2015.  What do you think?


Leslie said...

The husband and I wait for Netflix/Redbox, but sometimes it's fun to splurge. This looks like a great movie!

Teresa said...

This looks so cute!

betancourth16 said...

One of the best Pixar's movies ever made. It's beautiful, it's emotional, it's original, it's funny, and it's surprisingly clever. This film shows how emotions work in a very smart and impressive way, and handles a kid's psychology with real characters. It's a movie that adults and kids can enjoy equally.

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