Fall Favorites: Pantry Spice Candle

With December upon us, and in the interest of matching the season, "fall favorites" will become "winter favorites." Yes, I know, technically it's still fall, but it's frigid and icy here and Christmas lights are sprouting up by the minute, so we're calling it Winter!

This Yankee Candle, Simply Home edition in the scent "pantry spice," is all of my favorite fall scents wrapped up into one; cinnamon, cloves, crackling fire, maybe even a wisp of nutmeg and sugar cookie?  It is amazing - truly.  I used to buy the large 3-wicked candles from Bath and Body Works, but after being lit for an hour or so the scent became smothering and too strong.  This candle keeps that warm, pleasant, and mild cozy vibe consistently, no crazy glade plug in effects over here.  All you need is one and its sultry scent will weave its way through your entire abode.  


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