Are post pregnancy cravings a real thing? Because if so, I am CAAA-RRRAVING a cronut!  FYI - for the uninformed, cronut = croissant + donut.  Doesn't that sound amazeballs?!  Made in limited quantities fresh daily at NYC's Dominiquie Ansel Bakery, these babies sell out like hotcakes.  Lines are rumored to form at 4:30 AM or earlier, wrapping Soho blocks in eager anticipation of these sugary puffs of perfection.  
And yes, well technically, I've never actually had a cronut before, (but that's besides the point), as they've already reached epic delectability in my imagination.  I'm totally living the cronut experience vicariously through Naomi's blog.  Next time I'm in New York (whenever that may be) this is definitely on my to-do list.
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