Friday Night on the Couch

I'm a sniffly mess up in here. Wish I could say it was a happier (healthier) Friday. I'm determined to be healthy for the wedding (just 3 weeks away), so I'm laying low tonight with my orange juice, soup, and jumbo-sized box o'Kleenex. The plus, a new disc of The Good Wife just arrived via Netflix, so it's shaping up to be a lazy night in. Not bad.

Fave links from around the web...

+ pumpkin spice churros - Y to the UM!

+ DIY preserved lemons (must try this!)

+ Ever been to a neon wedding? Me neither, check it out!

+ Darling whale bookends

+ Uber cool modern farmhouse

+ Love this new food blog

+ DIY cell phone case - how chic!

+ New trend: vertical gardens

+ Remember the "MOVE" video? Now check out EAT & LEARN!

+ Lovely winter fruit & summer fruit prints

Have a healthy weekend!

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