Friday Night Lights

In an effort to save money and make a conscious decision to watch less TV, my fiance and I recently cancelled our comcast subscription. No more cable, no more DVR, but it hasn't been all that bad, honestly. Instead, we bought a Roku, a small device that enables streaming from netflix, hulu, and the like. This is how, during our commitment to watch less TV, my fiance and I discovered Friday Night Lights.

The first episode is good, then the second, third, fourth...and while I haven't been a fan from the beginning, we quickly joined the Friday Night Lights cult. This show is truly addicting, I tell you! I mean, who couldn't love Eric and Tammy Taylor? Matt Saracen, Jason Street, and Tim Riggins (insert girlish swoon here), if boys had looked like that at my high school!

Truth be told, we've emotionally invested in this show, you'd think we'd been to Dillon, Texas! So despite our ploy to watch less TV, I think we've ended up investing more time following this series via roku. I guess our plan backfired, huh? All in all, I'd say it was worth it because it's now one of my all time favorite shows. You'd be surprised how many conversations we still have about the Taylor's, Buddy Garrity, and the panther gang.
Texas Forever.

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