I am so going to host this...

A Twilight themed party! Yes, it's true. Hostess with the Mostess is giving the how-to on how to throw an awesome Edward Cullen & Bella inspired party. Since most of my friends have also been sucked into the Twilight craze through one force or another, I thought this sounded like a fantastic idea!Set the mood by playing the soundtrack in the background as guests enter. Serve red-colored beverages and print vampire-themed labels, or even make a signature vampire cocktail.
If you're serving dinner, opt for mushroom ravioli (the dish Bella orders on her first date with Edward), and red velvet cupcakes featuring white chocolate that’s been dyed red to look like blood, of course!
And of course, set the mood for your Twilight DVD screening, great movie quotes, red candles, apples are some suggestions. And if you're feeling especially festive, pass out fake plastic vampire fangs as a party favor.

All in the name of a good vampire romance...

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