Meet The Duchess

I just rented Keira Knightley's latest flick - The Duchess, new to DVD. The movie was pretty good, an interesting period piece about a historical character - The Duchess of Devonshire - I knew nothing about.

My favorite part was the costumes! The Duchess wore intricate, elaborate gowns, topped with feathery peacock hats and up-dos of bouffant curls. I've always wondered would've been like to have lived in another time. The clothes, transportation, and attitudes (especially the engagement between men and women) are utterly foreign to the lives we lead in 2009. I think it would be fun to live the "Duchess" life for a day!



Rachel said...

I have to put that on my Netflix list. I remember seeing the preview and thinking "I need to watch that, just for the costumes."

Carol said...

I really liked the movie too!

Magchunk said...

I said the exact same thing as Rachel: "Just for the costumes!" I'm sort of on the fence about Keira, but the fabric and hair looks amazing.

Callie Grayson said...

i need to get this movie on my netflicks list.
I love the second image colour pallet, very elegant and pretty.

TheHermanator said...

Hi Michelle, just popped onto your blog from ?? Don't remember ?
Anyhow, RE: "Meet the Duchess", I'm one of the few Straight guys I know who just loves period pieces! The costumes, the customs and morays, and architecture have always interested me. One of my sisters and I have a long tradition of watching all the Masterpiece Theatre and Hallmark Hall of Fame series. Even if it's the ten-thousandth redo of Jane Eyre, we'll be there. On the modern tube offerings, I love "Cold Case" and the other show where they do flashbacks regularly. I can never remember the name of that second one, although it's been around for several seasons. Those shows usually only go back to the 40's and 50's, but I love the cars, clothes and hairdoe's on those segments too.
Enjoyed your Blog, Thanks Herman

Colour Me Happy said...

I was just about to rent that show and got something else instead. Thanks for the preview, Keira Knightly is certainly the queen of period movies!