I'm a product of 8+ years of Catholic school. As such, I've attended many an Ash Wednesday mass in my day, although since I graduated college, I've been a bad church-goer and missed this middle of the week mass, and the accompanying ashes on the forehead.

This year, I've been contemplating what to give up for the 40 days of Lent. Here's what I've been considering...
1. Coffee. Quite a challenge, too tough I think. As an elementary school teacher, I truly it to be my perkiest self so early in the morning.
2. Chocolate. I'm a chocoholic. I love chocolate, especially dark chocolate. In the form of candy bars, cookies, hot cocoa, basically anything rich I can devour, I will indulge.
3. Dining out. A fast way to save a LOT of money...but it would really inter with my social calendar.

Thus, I've decided to absolve from take out, fast food, and anything related. Usually once or twice a week I order thai food or pho, it's cheap, easy, and quite convenient since there are like 5 great places within a 5 block radius of my apartment. I'm hoping this will contribute to my healthy living plan - which supports my half marathon training schedule. Let the 40 days begin!

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