Friday Fun

We're wrapping up Spring Break and eager to jump into Spring.  Our stint of sunny weather seems to have been replaced with a few days of endless rain, but we're making the best of it with extra trips to the library, legos, and the occasional puddle jump.  What are you up to this weekend?

+ upping my veggie sandwich game

+ wise wisdom about how to be a better listener

+ regardless of your religion, do you have a sabbath practice?

+ a gorgeous national park that you've probably never heard of

+ just listened to this podcast about this NYC restaurant, and now I want to eat there!

+ an inventive interpretation of the wedding reception

+ love this beautiful dress for spring (if only it was a tad cheaper)

+ this with salmon for dinner? delish!

+ goal for easter = try naturally dyed Easter eggs

+ just another article reminding us the mental health benefits of girls' weekends

+ heard nothing but good things about this series - have you read it?

have a good one!

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