What Are You Reading?

What are you reading these days?  Recently I've found myself falling into a rabbit hole of parenting books, and reading them consecutively one after another is exhausting...I'm ready for a good old fashion novel.  Better yet, a beach read!  Any suggestions out there?

I've also recently been "rereading" Harry Potter via audiobook when driving, which has been a nice change of pace.  I recently downloaded another one, Blood, Bones, and Butter, which I've already listened to by audiobook years ago (read about that here), but it was just that good a memoir, so I decided it was worth another go.

So please, tell me!  What are you reading?  I need some recs ASAP!  Thanks in advance :) 


Magatha-May said...

Have started reading Neill Gamains American Gods, and am re-reading The Night Circus too... Both excellent books so far

Mary said...

Have you read the Lilac Girls yet? I'm about halfway through right now, and I'm enthralled.

English 110.01 : Winter 2011 said...

I read a dishy, addictive book called "A Beautiful Terrible Thing" that I finished in a day and a half - a rarity for this relatively new mama! I also recommend "How to Survive a Summer" by NIck White for a moving read and "Revelation" by Molly Patterson for some gorgeous writing. For a little something escapist, I'm reading Anthony Doerr's "Four Seasons in Rome". For suspense, I loved Celest Ng's "Everything I Never Told You". Enjoy your reading!!