Homemade Hummus

I've been trying to make my favorite dips and dressings at home the past few months, and tried my hand at homemade hummus a few weeks ago.  However, in typical recipe making fashion, I neglected to read through the entire recipe, realizing that it would take a good 12+ hours to complete.  Whoops!  
Don't get me wrong, hummus itself is pretty simple, it's the soaking and simmering of chickpeas that is a huge time suck.  However, the fruits of my labor was ultimately worth the reward.  Fresh, homemade hummus stands apart from its counterparts for its freshness, tanginess, and sure packs a punch of tahini-y flavor, something no Sabra or Trader Joe's brand can achieve (sorry guys, I still like you too).  

In case you're interested in trying it out yourself, I used Molly Yeh's recipe from her new book, Molly on the Range (similar recipe here).  {Learn from my error, and keep in mind, you'll need to prepare ingredient a good half day in advance of when you plan to serve.}

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heather said...

Girl I have a wayyyyy easier quick recipe that is awesome. i will email it to you - no tahini. It is the only hummus I like.