Link Love

Hello my readers, wow it has been over a month since I last blogged.  Where does the time go?! In the interim, I have been buoyed by the glorious spring weather, play dates with friends, a little boxed wine after bedtime, and just simply soaking up the sweetness of my littles at 2 and a half and 6 months.  

Here are some things I've been into lately.

+ Catching up on the last few months of Kelle Hampton's posts (I find little nuggets of wisdom, and "let me write that down" sayings and parenting inspiration every time I read her blog.

+ Finding myself falling down a rabbit hole that is youtube channels.  Seriously.  Watch a few at nap time and then poof, nap time is over.  Lately I've been watching episodes of Mimi Ikonn's vlog.

+ Loving a few new instagram feeds that feature children's literature, always looking for good kids books around here!  My library queue is growing by the day thanks to their sweet recommendations.  Current faves include and hereweeread, let me know if you have others!

+ For those of you also missing Parenthood, check out this series debuting this fall, This is Us.  Looks pretty good!

+ Pinning recipes like crazy.  A nibble of this first, then onto devour this appetizer, followed by this salad, oh and maybe this salad too...and then this entree, and then maybe this and a little bit of that for dessert.  Hungry yet?


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