Dinner Last Night: Slow Cooker Beef Lettuce Wraps with Quick Pickles

Did I tell you about the time I broke our crock pot?  Oh yes, well, a few weeks ago, while my husband was away, I was doing kitchen clean up and as I lifted the ceramic dish from the crock, my foot slipped, causing me to lose my balance and drop it.  It immediately broke into about 4 large pieces and a few scant slivers, and I proceeded to burn my leg with scalding hot tikka masala sauce.  Ouch!  Oh yeah, and did I mention, we had our kitchen cleaned the day before?  Arrgggh...

So after two weeks without our trusty crock pot, we decided it was too long of a hiatus, we must invest in another!  This little diddy turned out to be quite a tasty dinner, wrapped up in homegrown romaine leaves from our garden and paired with our favorite coconut rice.  Crock pot for the win!  It's good to have you back little buddy.

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