Week 37

{please excuse the semi-blurry iphone photo}

I guess we missed week 35 and 36, whoops! Getting a little behind on taking weekly photos...

Baby Size: watermelon
Maternity Clothes: maternity tops/shorts, regular skirts, dresses & maxi dresses
Food Cravings: nothing in particular
Food Aversions: pho
Symptoms: sore hands/feet,  achy hips at night from switching sides during sleep
Sleep: Not great, but considering this is my only real complaint, I'm considering myself lucky.  Sleeping upright feels better these days, I usually wake up 2-3 times per night, and have been sleeping on the couch quite a bit because I can sleep upright easier which has been more comfortable
Movement: Pressure, moving limbs, she's getting ready!
Belly Button: popped out 
Gender: GIRL!!!
Best Moment of the Week: romantic dinner date with my husband, and hitting 37 weeks, I'm now officially full-term!
What I'm Looking Forward To: Meeting our baby!
What I Miss: running, regular exercise, and I had a moment this week where I almost caved and devoured an entire wedge of soft French cheese
Wedding Rings: on - don't think they're moving at this point
Currently Reading: On Becoming Babywise

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