It's August

I can hardly believe it's August already.  August 1st usually marks the time when I (and most teachers) feel the bittersweet light of summer fading into the rear-view mirror, as the path towards a new school year unfolds.  This year is surreal for me, recognizing that this inevitable change I usually feel come August is coming, but knowing that I won't be a part of it, and instead there's a whole new kind of nervous anticipation that has nothing to do with school.  August marks the beginning of our baby countdown... Yes, yes, I know we're still a few weeks out, but now that we've arrived in the month of her due date, the reality of holding her, snuggling her, and kissing her is much more tangible.

We had our 36 week doctors appointment this week and Baby Girl is doing good; head down, and wiggling her butt around like nobody's business to remind me she's getting ready.  We are growing more eager by the day with excitement and anticipation to meet her.
26 days to go...

image via cupofjo

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