Week 34

{sneak peek from our maternity photo shoot}

Baby Size: large cantaloupe (I'm getting more and more confused by this fruit-size guide...I've been following the fruit guide on my "What to Expect" phone app, but I swear a cantaloupe is smaller than a pineapple (week 33)!  Hmm...
Maternity Clothes: maternity tops, shorts, dresses, some regular maxi dresses mixed in
Food Cravings: Haagen Daz salted caramel ice cream bars, banana milkshakes (but pretty sure I would crave these kinds of sweets normally...)
Food Aversions: pho
Symptoms: sore hands/knuckles and bottoms of feet, sore hips after sleeping on my side
Sleep: Sleeping upright feels better these days, I usually wake up about once, sometimes twice a night
Movement: Feeling rolling, moving, poking, I love feeling her move!
Belly Button: popped out 
Gender: GIRL!!!
Best Moment of the Week: our maternity photo shoot
What I'm Looking Forward To: family in town for our upcoming baby shower
What I Miss: high impact sports, sushi, a cold glass of white wine 
Wedding Rings: Took my rings off over the weekend, but jammed them back on for our maternity shoot, now I'm pretty sure they're not coming off until afterward.
Currently Reading: I checked out On Becoming Babywise, but have yet to really crack it open

image via mikefiectner


meme-and-he said...

I'm 32 weeks...my belly button is hanging on by a thread!!! I am sorta excited for it to pop :) Also, I just got a body pillow and it has changed my life. Seriously, sleeping has gotten so much better, I would recommend it!

Alexa said...

Body pillow is really helpful the last couple of months...you are getting so close!

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

You look amazing!!! When can we do Greenlake?!?!

birdie to be said...

Such a sweet post and gorgeous picture!

Nicole Marie said...

so beautiful! you look amazing!

Amira said...

Oh my gosh! That picture is beautiful!!

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