Week 20

{me at 20 weeks}

Baby Size: length of a banana
Maternity Clothes: rocking maternity jeans and tanks

Food Cravings: Rootbeer, peanut butter toast
Food Aversions: chicken, pho

New Symptoms: occasional sore back
Movement: Movement: YES, it's the best feeling!  Feels like tapping from the inside

Belly Button: In but barely

Gender: It's a GIRL!!!

Best Moment of the Week: preparing the baby's room (a.k.a. cleaning out the office
What I'm Looking Forward To: Working on the nursery

What I Miss: eating soft cheeses and turkey sandwiches

Exercise: Prenatal yoga, cardio workout class


Claire {Beaktweets} said...

Ina May is my favorite. You look great!

Sarah Alway said...

The no soft cheeses or cold lunch meats is going to KILL me when I'm pregnant someday!