Seeking Sonoma Tips

Dear Readers,
I am the matron of honor in my best friend's wedding this fall, and I'm in the process of planning a rockin' bachelorette party for her this summer in lovely Sonoma, California.  Picture this: ten lovely ladies hitting up the wine country for some quality girl time!  Can't wait!! We already have a superb pad rented as a home base...however, since I'm a novice in the region, I'm having a hard time discerning one winery from the next.  Having never been to the illustrious wine country myself; Napa, Sonoma, or elsewhere, I am in need of some guidance.

So I ask...Have you been to Sonoma?  
If the answer is yes, I'd LOVE your help, advice, and suggestions... What TO do, What NOT to do...  Hit me up!  We're in the mood for wine tasting, dining out, and other night life activities that ten lovely late 20's-early 30's gals can enjoy while sending their single friend out in style?  
Thank you in advance :)



Holly said...

You have to go to dinner at the girl and the fig!!

Holly said...

Oh I forgot, the Fremont diner is a must for brunch!!

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

Here are some recaps my girls trip there last spring: The Bouchon Bakery is super cute for a breakfast/lunch spot - but it's in Yontville, not Sonoma. Email me if you have any other questions!

Caroline said...

Send me an email and I have a ton of tips for you. BISOUS.

Sarah Alway said...

I wish I could offer advice but I've never been there... I sure wish I was going on this trip, though!

PNew said...

We had the best time at Unti. They were a small winery with great wine and interesting varietals. Very laid back (tasting room is in a garage). They also suggested a whole slew of wineries that we loved...To change things up one day, we went to Lagunitas brewery which was so much fun. Huge facility wit a great tour (with tons of free tastes!) They also host tons of outdoor events (music stage and beer garden) so check out their site. Have fun!

heather{land} said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
heather{land} said...

Can I come?! ;) I want to go touring so bad!

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Unknown said...

Such a fun trip to plan!

meme-and-he said...

oooh I WISH I was an expert, but sadly, I have never been :(

Stephanie Marie said...

I LOVED Mumm winery in Napa. It has the best sparkling wines and the outdoor patio is large. Also, Jenna from another blog has a whole tab on visits here (I think she lives there)

Unknown said...

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Erica said...

I went there a while ago... here's my post about it, but in short, I loved Homewood Winery, where they let you taste the same kind of wine over a few years, which was really cool and not something that you get to do often. :)

Elizabeth said...

I have been to Sonoma and Napa in the last few years and have done a Platypus wine tour both times ( I know that it seems expensive but it is totally worth having someone else plan the route, do the driving and feed you lunch. Plus they get you into a lot of vineyards that aren't open to the public.

eas said...

Healdsburg is my fave. Ferrari Carona winery, healdsburg town square, barn diva for dinner. If you search my blog you'll see post I did from gfriends wedding in july.

I am from that area and Sonoma is the best! Healdsburg particularly.

Unknown said...

Looks like you got some suggestions via email- I would LOVE to hear some of the info you got, as I am in the midst of planning my best friend's bachelorette party in Sonoma!