Baguette Vending Machine

Have you seen this? A baguette vending machine! "Jean-Louise Hecht, owner of multiple bakeries in Paris, first got the idea for the baguette vending machine as he dealt with customers who would chase him down at his apartment above the stop for fresh baguettes after hours... (After) trials and errors, Hect built a machine that turns precooked bread into steaming baguettes." Read more here.

While this is an intriguing idea, it makes me a little sad. In the US, we are so accustomed to life in the fast lane; drive through cuisine, easy checkouts, everything is so utterly accessible at the touch of a button. I guess I just sincerely hope some things stay the same. While I wouldn't be against purchasing a baguette at 2am if a craving struck, a true freshly baked baguette is still worth the wait in my book.


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