New Moon Recap

Okay friends, I must admit, I might almost be swayed to Team Jacob after watching the latest episode of the Twilight saga: New Moon. Considering New Moon was my least favorite book, it did make for quite an exciting and eventful movie.

Mind you, Edward is absent for much of this movie, thus Bella turns her attention and affection to young-ling Jacob. Now, Jacob (a.k.a. actor Taylor Lautner) definitely beefed up for this movie, which was a little hysterical in that he and his wolf pack pretty much saunter around shirtless in jean shorts for the majority of the movie. Another thing - he is so wonderful and thoughtful to Bella throughout the movie, who in response in such a tease! I truly felt bad for Jacob as it's obvious Bella is an Edward-girl for life.

Ultimately, the one thing keeping me on Team Edward (don't forget Taylor Lautner is a baby at 17...jail bait). Go see it, it's excellent!

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