The Little Things

There's something to be said about attention to detail. I love getting letters, there is something classic and lovely about receiving mail, and out of respect for this dying art, I refuse to call it "snail mail." In my book, that expression is right up there with "24/7" and "LOL."

The mailbox in my apartment is teeny-tiny, but somehow the mail carrier manages to sandwich in envelopes of all sizes, giving me a bicep workout every afternoon as I attempt to wrench free the few envelopes I've received. Typically the drill is bill, bill, ad, junk, bill...but every now and then is a different shaped envelope, complete with return address label and pretty stamp. MAIL!

I love the small details of this stationary, the delicate pink pattern of birds inside the envelope. I'm sure many people open envelopes without a second thought, tossing the thing before you even have a chance to peek inside. I on the other hand am a fool for correspondence (can you tell?). I relish in these little details. Seriously, it's all about the little things.

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