Hide Out

I wish I had had this teepee in my bedroom when I was growing up! My sisters and I were what you might call "fort-enthusiasts." We used to waste away the afternoons constructing all kinds of intricate hideouts using everything our den had to offer, the backs of chairs, overstuffed pillows and thick blankets to block out the light. A memorable pastime.

via blackeiffel


Carrie said...

I used to love making forts!

Lynne said...

I love the bed in this photo. I love making forts with little children - it's the only game I can think of!

Ms Unreliable said...

I was another fort-enthusiast, but my sister was way too old and "too cool" for that, so I was on my lonesome. I started off constructing little book forts with all my picture books, then I graduated to the cushion and chair forts, and some of my best forts were constructed under my spiral staircase with cushions, chairs and the occasional bed sheet. Absolute masterpieces!

Then I made the mistake of thinking that architecture would be just as much fun. I have since learnt my lesson ;)