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Okay, I know I'm a little behind. I just finished the first book Twilight on Sunday...but I am dying of was the movie? Did it live up to it's unrealistic expectations?

I could hardly put the book down, which I found can often translate to disappointment on the silver screen. But then again, I never thought I'd be sucked in by a teenage vampire romance, so I guess anything is possible.




Carol said...

My friend Brynn loved the book and was disappointed with the movie. she said they left a lot of key things out.

Wiggs said...

I finished the book on Sunday too! I didn't anticipate liking it, but I read all 498 pages in a day and a half (my fiance was about ready to shoot me if I didn't stop talking about it).

I haven't seen the movie yet but I hear that it's not great. I can imagine that they'll leave out a lot because so much of the books magic happens in her head, you know? I hope Jacob is in it! Have you started reading the other books yet?


Grassyllama said...

check out my review of it.

those pics are great, btw.

Miss Mariss said...

You aren't behind! I am!! I still have about 200 pages left in the first book. But I do have the line ready to finish the series. This book is amazing!

Heard the movie is a bust to people who love the book. Also the lead girl and guy do not fit the description I had in my head at all!

Team jacob or team edward?

Jody said...

these pictures are fantastic...pretty much obsessed with the book, and while the movie can't quite compare, it is pretty great (in that teen movie kinda way).

Cali Girl said...

i looved the movie, about to start the book tomorrow!!! cant wait to see the next movie now.... i believe it will be a little wait for me... 2010.

Lesley said...

I am a big fan of the book Twilight!!! But, I was disappointed with the movie...thank god they have Robert Pattinson, who is GORGEOUS in he definitely saves it. After seeing it again, it got better?! Go see it for Robert Pattinson! What a dreamboat!