Leap Year, Leap Frog

Leap year makes me thing of leap frog, or just frogs in general. Leap year is such an odd day, only popping up once every four years, just to keep us on our toes.

I actually have a student this year whose birthday falls on February 29th! The kids had a quite the laugh in class as we explained the concept of leap year, and that technically speaking, according to the calendar, he is only turning 2 today, and not 8 (his actual age).This talk of leap year and frogs is perfect considering my Mom's birthday is tomorrow, and she has a weakness for all things frogs. As part of my birthday gift to her, I picked up this frog Prince inspired night-light at PBK.
While scouring the store for more frog items, I saw these adorable little bath-wraps. And yes, they have frogs! Along with hippos, bunnies, and lambs. While they are a little too small for my mom, I thought these were too cute to not pass along.


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Jen of MadeByGirl said...

awwww so CUTE!! love them!

Jen Ramos
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