Friday Fun

+ check out my post on children's audiobooks over at!

+ intrigued by this ayervedic stress busting nightly concoction for better sleep

+ trying to cut down on my sugar intake, but these brownies have me wanting to postpone that endeavor

+ excited for this new cookbook, except I'm like #99 in line at the library!

+ a great, refreshing, and healthy salad for summer

+ one of my favorite YA books is now a movie

+ I love this new way to beachcomb with your kids

+ the Japanese secret to a longer, happier life

+ the invention of the beach read. always a good idea!

+ ever heard of Trancoso, Brazil? Sounds magical.

+ also on my list - Nantucket!

+ growing a minimalist wardrobe go-to guide

+ a unique pie for summer

What are you up to this weekend?


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