Happy Monday

Trying to get back on the blog wagon...it's been a while.  How have you been?  We had a glorious weather week this week - sunshine, blue skies for miles, all the shorts and skirts.  We went to a local beach last night for a picnic dinner and there were even kids dancing around in

+ this new food show on Netflix

+ rediscovered this delightful movie this past weekend. love! have you seen it?

+ when your outfit perfectly matches the sky and sea

+ wanting to copy this itinerary for a sw roadtrip

+ would you ever make a children's art quilt?  love the idea.

+ don't these succulent cupcakes look too good to eat?

+ loved the first episode (christina tosi) of the new chef's table: pastry

+ bookmarking this pad thai recipe for a rainy day

+ loving this cookbook by nadine levy redzepi (wife of famous chef rene redzepi of noma)



Susan said...

I've saw that movie a long time ago! Time for a viewing!

Leslie said...

Ohh, I really want to try that pad Thai recipe, and I’ll also have to watch that movie!

Danielle Todd said...

I loved About Time! I'm bookmarking that Pad Thai recipe. I attempted to make Pad Thai about many years ago and it was a disaster. I think I'm ready to give it another try.